Christine is a wonderful teacher, with great compassion, understanding and sensitivity. I appreciated the way she took special care to connect in with each and every dancer. I felt nurtured and supported and safe to explore my depth.

Catriona S.

Christine, your workshops and exercises are tremendous adventures that can lead us to wonderful treasures. So thank you, once again, for giving me these new tools and skills -I’ve been using them to sand down my edges and I can already feel a difference.
What a master you’ve become. You continue to amaze!

Andy H.

Without exaggeration, my work with Christine Havens has changed my life. I have become softer. The range of who I am is more fully expressed. Christine has helped me better identify, embrace and work through my emotions. I love my body more because I now use it as a way to better understand and express myself. I am more comfortable in my own skin. I am more sexual, sensual and playful. I feel that I am my best and most authentic self when I dance! I feel more alive and powerful. I feel more grounded and centered. I am home.

Betsy B.

Christine consistently holds the space for profound and expansive exploration. She leads by example and inspires me as a student to reach deep within to increase my understanding and self awareness. I feel at home in her presence.

Kellie E.

Christine’s classes have had a huge impact on my life. Christine has an amazing ability to be present with each one of her students, to really listen and witness what her students are expressing and being in that moment. Her classes opened up a whole new avenue through which I could deal with my insecurities and fears and also access my greatest joy about life. Most importantly, for me, her classes helped me to relate with my fellow dancers in a way that gave me a profound sense of connection with others, even people I had just met for the first time. I am so grateful to know that I can experience tremendous bliss and personal growth through the movement of my own body. Aside from her incredible abilities as a teacher, Christine has exquisite taste in music! Her musical collection reflects her ability to go to a wide range of different levels of being – playful, powerful, comical, and out-of this world-inspired, to name a few. Don’t miss her classes. They will be one of the most important things you ever do for yourself.”

Jennifer Payne

Doing an Open Floor workshop with Christine is a mirror to the soul. With the synergy of a group, my inner patterns appear as a fast winding story. While doing an Open Floor Encounter workshop, Christine helped me through a year’s worth of inner work in a 15 minute Open Floor exercise. Incredible!

Debby H. - Bainbridge Island, WA

The Open Floor Encounter workshop and dance with Christine allowed me to laugh at myself after many years of self doubt and self criticism. For me, a door to my insane patterns of control was unlocked and opened just a crack…. enough that I am able to see my patterns more quickly and change them. I am also clear that healing from the trauma of my past is not something that I am able to do alone.

Brent Williamson - Seattle,WA

I was close to the last to participate before the Open Floor Encounter weekend workshop with Christine was to be over. I had prepared myself for what I wanted to share, when all of a sudden the grief of having lost my mother in childhood surfaced. Could the pain be more raw and in the moment, even though it happened 5 decades ago? My heart retched as I bellowed sobs. The tears out of my eyes would not stop. I was sweetly held in the safe container of our group. This experience left me with an openness and security I have never before embodied. I experienced in this Open Floor Encounter group that I can be vulnerable and I can heal deep grief. I thank the process and our group for holding me. I can now dance with abandon.”

Leslie Fields - Seattle,WA

My experience with Christine in the Open Floor Encounter workshop was, and remains, profound. The ripples continue to shift, transform and shape me even today, orienting me towards health and integration. Christine’s ability to use knowledge, intuition and wisdom is profound and not easy to find. She also plays kick-ass music! I am grateful for her “being” on the open floor. This work is one of many medicines in her pouch.

Jim Kragtwyk - Vancouver, BC