Healing Ground

HEALING GROUND, June 18- 21, 2020

” Healing yourself is connected with healing others. “  Yoko Ono


This will be our 23rd Aldermarsh residential workshop.  I am, as always, eager to return again to the beauty and the peace of the 16 acres comprising the Aldermarsh lands. During these four days together we will explore, through the dance practice and the movement resources of Open Floor, what contributes to making our bodies and consciousness fertile healing ground.

For the past several years my own personal quest has been to find what adds to and lays the groundwork for the healing of our bodies, minds, hearts and souls. My own applied practices are not new or unique to me, but they are practices and thus require devotion. And as Mary Oliver said, “Attention is the beginning of devotion.” So I have been practicing attention.

Through the Open Floor dance, we will look into these practices:

  1. Feeling our connection to the Earth: feet on the ground, on the grass, in the dirt, in the river beds, on the rocks.
  2. Listening deeply to your own intuition, your own voice, your own body which is always in the present moment.
  3. Trusting your own knowing.
  4. Following C.J. Yung’s directive: ” Discipline is obedience to awareness.”
  5. The ability to decide which direction to go and to discern from sources gathered, the path forward… resting in awareness until movement arises.
  6. Welcoming and then releasing all feelings as they come and go, moving into peace and centeredness.
  7. Seeing and meeting everything and everyone who arises in our daily life. Connecting in even small ways ( micro – meetings) with everyone we meet. We know that when we connect to another, our heart rhythms, our biochemistry comes into sync. All our moments of connection every day, support the vagus nerve, the long cranial nerve winding from the brain to the abdomen, enhancing the body’s ability to slow a racing heart and regulate inflammation and glucose levels. We do that with and for each other when we connect. Smiling at someone has big health consequences.
  8. Moment to moment, knowing we are vulnerable and everything changes and resting in the Self, in our own essence,


Date:        June 18- 21, 2020   ( Space is limited. Register early!)

Location:  Aldermarsh Retreat Center, Whidbey Island, WA

Tuition:     The early bird rate is $925, if paid in full by May 1st, 2020. After May1st, the tuition is $970. This tuition is all-Inclusive and includes the 3 nights of lodging, every day’s 3 locally sourced meals and 4 days of workshop.

Information:  info@wavesdance.com

Registration: http://www.wavesdance.com/workshops/

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