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The residential Aldermarsh workshop will be October 4- 7, 2018.

This will be our 22nd Aldermarsh workshop and all of us are eager to dance again amidst the beauty and peace of these 16 acres on Whidbey Island, WA.

So in October, we will be entering together into 4 days to explore ALL OF US.  This workshop will open up the concept of bodhicitta, traditionally defined as a longing to awaken to help others do the same, Pema Chodron adds it is also ” our innate ability to go beyond bias, beyond prejudice and fixed opinions and open our hearts to everyone: those we like, those we don’t like, those we don’t even notice, those we many never meet.”

In the afternoons we will have time to do some Open Floor Encounter sessions. More information and registration will soon be available! To ask more, contact Christine at


Aldermarsh Retreat Center

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